Apache Server Information

Module Name: mod_rewrite.c
Content handlers: yes
Configuration Phase Participation: Create Directory Config, Merge Directory Configs, Create Server Config, Merge Server Configs
Request Phase Participation: Translate Name, Fixups, Content Handlers
Module Directives:
RewriteEngine - On or Off to enable or disable (default) the whole rewriting engine
RewriteOptions - List of option strings to set
RewriteBase - the base URL of the per-directory context
RewriteCond - an input string and a to be applied regexp-pattern
RewriteRule - an URL-applied regexp-pattern and a substitution URL
RewriteMap - a mapname and a filename
Current Configuration:

Apache/2.4.12 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.0.1m PHP/5.6.9 Server at zhanghao.cc Port 80