Apache Server Information

Module Name: mod_ssl.c
Content handlers: none
Configuration Phase Participation: Create Directory Config, Merge Directory Configs, Create Server Config, Merge Server Configs
Request Phase Participation: Pre-Connection, Post-Read Request, HTTP Scheme, Default Port, Check Access (legacy), Verify User ID, Verify User Access, Fixups
Module Directives:
SSLPassPhraseDialog - SSL dialog mechanism for the pass phrase query ('builtin', '|/path/to/pipe_program', or 'exec:/path/to/cgi_program')
SSLSessionCache - SSL Session Cache storage ('none', 'nonenotnull', 'dbm:/path/to/file')
SSLCryptoDevice - SSL external Crypto Device usage ('builtin', '...')
SSLRandomSeed - SSL Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) seeding source ('startup|connect builtin|file:/path|exec:/path [bytes]')
SSLEngine - SSL switch for the protocol engine ('on', 'off')
SSLFIPS - Enable FIPS-140 mode (`on', `off')
SSLCipherSuite - Colon-delimited list of permitted SSL Ciphers ('XXX:...:XXX' - see manual)
SSLCertificateFile - SSL Server Certificate file ('/path/to/file' - PEM or DER encoded)
SSLCertificateKeyFile - SSL Server Private Key file ('/path/to/file' - PEM or DER encoded)
SSLCertificateChainFile - SSL Server CA Certificate Chain file ('/path/to/file' - PEM encoded)
SSLSessionTicketKeyFile - TLS session ticket encryption/decryption key file (RFC 5077) ('/path/to/file' - file with 48 bytes of random data)
SSLCACertificatePath - SSL CA Certificate path ('/path/to/dir' - contains PEM encoded files)
SSLCACertificateFile - SSL CA Certificate file ('/path/to/file' - PEM encoded)
SSLCADNRequestPath - SSL CA Distinguished Name path ('/path/to/dir' - symlink hashes to PEM of acceptable CA names to request)
SSLCADNRequestFile - SSL CA Distinguished Name file ('/path/to/file' - P